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paying for labor that you've been socialized to expect for free.

the interracial processing project is a community project in which white folks and white led organizations compensate Black and brown community-based truth-tellers to process race & whiteness. we aim to create the model of what equitable interracial exchange can and should look like under white supremacy. 



we are truth-tellers

the interracial processing project was started by jas wheeler and mercedes mack after a lifetime of being asked to perform this labor for free. we seek to engage with white folks and white-led organizations to dissect white privilege and anti-blackness. 

while we strongly believe that it is the responsibility of white folks to gather and call-in their own, we also believe that unchecked whiteness in a vacuum is harmful, even among the most well-intentioned white people.  

we offer our services to all white folks on any stage of their journey of racial accountability, the only prerequisite being a genuine commitment to (un)learning, growth, and change.

we seek to challenge the myth of vermont progressivism and the complacency of well-intentioned white folks & self-proclaimed white anti-racists. 

mercedes (she/her) is a Black femme and an ever-curious and resilient virgo. mercedes draws inspiration for her work from music, ancestry, Tarot, astrology, plant magic, wise queer activists of color, and honest conversation. her work, and life, is rooted in the balance of being both head and heart centered, and she appreciates having difficult essential conversations with groups of all life experiences about consent, pleasure, relationships, power, and reimagining what could be.

jas (they/them) is a pisces & Black chicanx, originally raised up by their mother and grandmother in ohio. jas’ work has been inspired by the strengths gathered from their lived experience and their ancestors that have come before. they seek to create spaces for survivors and workers on the margins. jas is committed to honoring other people’s truths, and their own, as they seek to support folks at the convergence of all their identities and experiences.




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