Individual sessions are offered to white & white passing individuals who desire  to engage in critical dialogue about white privilege, racism, and anti-blackness. Some topics that folks have chosen to discuss include but are not limited to: reparations, white guilt, white saviorhood, spiritual bypassing, cultural appropriation, and processing of past interactions that you've had with Black or brown people, your interracial relationship(s), etc. 

Assigned work is tailored to individual goals and can include: reparations, working through 'White Supremacy and Me' workbook, assigned readings, crafting apology letters, practice bystander intervention, etc

In an individual session you can expect to be lovingly challenged, to be pushed towards growth, to set goals, and to be given tools/resources to continue this journey on your own. While some folks choose to meet just once to process a specific situation others choose to engage in an ongoing processing relationship. 

Please reach out with any questions! 


After booking a session via this website, you will hear from us to coordinate payment and a time to complete your initial 15 minute phone consult. This brief conversation before meeting is to help us better understand your goals for our time together, any topics that you’re hoping to discuss, and to just generally get on the same page. If you’re unable to chat on the phone prior to your session, you can simply email us to give us a brief synopsis of what you’re hoping to accomplish during our time together.

Most sessions are 1:1 but at times we’ll work together with a client when we’re both available. Sessions take place in many places--wherever we all feel comfortable. Sometimes this is your home or our home(s). Oftentimes it is a public & quiet location such as a coffee shop. When requested, we also work with individuals via Skype or phone.


  • you've already done substantial education and/or accountability work around race and whiteness and you need more support to go deeper.

  • you are in close relationship with Black and brown people in your life and are wanting to continue the work of being a non-toxic presence in those relationships

  • you seek to create a safe work environment for Black and brown staff

  • you have specific question, experience, or scenario pertaining to  race that would be helpful to process with a neutral party that can offer honest and direct feedback & reflection. 

  • racial accountability work is an intrinsic part of your self work and you don't have other individuals or spaces in which to process or dig deeper

  • you are a white parent of Black or brown children and want to continue to work towards being a safe and healthy parent for your Black or brown kid(s).


We offer our individual services on a sliding scale of $85-200/hour. This cost also includes your initial phone consult. We truly want to make our individual services financially accessible for all who would benefit from them while also making sure that we are adequately compensated for our emotional labor. If this sliding scale feels out of reach to you, please consider still reaching out--we are open to some skillshares and labor/goods trades.

There is a 20% non-refundable deposit that goes towards the cost of your session, due before your initial phone consult. This deposit ensures that we are compensated for our labor during that initial consult.


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