We are interested in doing this work with organizations who seek to engage in this work in an ongoing way and are truly committed to creating safe environments in which all marginalized people can thrive. It has been our experience in Vermont--as Black and brown workers--that white led organizations know what they “should” be doing and often know the right words to say regarding racial justice, equity, and whiteness but unfortunately don’t have the means, knowledge, and/or desire to make meaningful change. We are of the belief that if an organization is considering reaching out to us, they already have an understanding of what their social justice values are and have a vision of the type of culture that they’re attempting to manifest within their workplace. We see our role as helping an organization become better aligned with their vision and values while creating avenues for workers (especially marginalized workers) to have a voice in organizational processes.

We utilize what we call a “functional family style” energy in which we facilitate conversation, create space for vulnerability, healthily challenge, and bring people together towards mutual action goals (nothing matters if we are not in coherent,right, and accountable relationship to each other on all levels). Organizations are expected to do their own pre-work as we don’t provide diversity and equity 101s (no powerpoints or handouts to be found here) but rather guided community-building and accountability holding.

Please reach out with any questions! 


Ask yourself these questions as you consider our services 

  • how many Black or brown people are in your workplace? is there a trend of high turnover among Black and brown people in your workplace?

  • are there any Black or brown people on your leadership teams in your organization?

  • if you have a staff and/or leadership team made up of non-Black people of color, do you ever have conversations about anti-Blackness?

  • have you ever been shocked, surprised, or saddened when told that something you said to a Black or brown peer was harmful?

  • have you ever walked away from a conversation about race and/or whiteness with a Black or brown peer and felt better for it? did you pay them?

  • have you only ever made changes in your workplace after a Black or brown person was harmed?

  • are Black or brown people consistently the lowest paid people within the organization?

  • has your organization ever done a “longevity audit” to assess the average length of employment of Black or brown people?

  • when was the last conversation you had with a Black person? do you have any Black friends? how many organizations that are led by Black and brown people does your organization collaborate with?

  • If you are a licensed professional and/or in a position that requires a degree--how many of your instructors/clinical supervisors were Black or brown?

  • have you ever felt guilty for not intervening when you've witnessed a Black or brown person being treated poorly?

  • have you ever witnessed a coworker say something “questionable” about a Black or brown service-user/client? did you say anything?


Our rates are guidelines as we understand that organizational budgets don’t always set aside a lot of funds for consulting. That being said, we negotiate when we can but need to make sure that we’re being fairly compensated for our labor. We have a wide sliding scale with intention as we want to distribute resources equitably. Paying at the higher end of your sliding scale allows us to work with collectives, grassroots orgs, and youth/student groups at little cost to them.

An initial, hour long consult can be booked via this site. We charge a flat fee for this initial consult and we utilize this time to learn about your needs, answer questions, and to start mapping out a path forward. This is also a time for us and your organization to determine if we're a good fit for one another. 

Hourly Rates
Hourly rates do not include travel, lodging or per diem expenses. Nor does it include any prep or follow-up time, if required. When billing hourly, we bill for all hours worked. If work requires significant travel, we typically book by the day.  

  • Discounted rate (for organizations with annual budgets 0-450,000): 25-125 per hour, per consultant.

  • Full cost (for organizations with annual budgets between 450,000-2 million): 125-200 per hour, per consultant

  • Supporter Cost (for organizations with annual budgets 2 million+): 200-350+ per hour, per consultant

Day Rates
Please reach out to us if you’re wanting to discuss day rates for things such as day-long workshops, staff retreats, etc.


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